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October Climate in Japan (Tokyo) and Norway (Oslo)

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Today is the first day of October, and what kind of month is it for you? A lot of rain? The end of autumn?

When I was in Japan, I felt the arrival of autumn in full swing in October.

In this article, the weather in Tokyo and Oslo in October will be compared.


In Japan, October is said to be the peak month for fall, and the daily temperature changes drastically from sweaty daytime to cool in the morning and evening. Another characteristic of October is that the temperature changes significantly from the beginning to the end of the month.

Tokyo’s daytime temperatures this week range from 24-28 degrees Celsius.*Still pretty warm there.

October’s average temperature is 18.9°C, the average high is 22.5°C and the average low is 14.7°C.* Average temperatures fall below 10°C in late October to mid-November and below 5°C in late November to mid-December. **

October precipitation total was 241 mm. ** So much rain there!


In contrast, Oslo’s daytime temperatures this week are between 14-16°C. It is getting cold, isn’t it?

The lowest average monthly temperature is 4°C and the highest is 10°C.

The average maximum temperature is about 5 degrees Celsius lower than the average minimum temperature in Tokyo.

This is about the same as the average temperature in November at Cape Soya in Wakkanai, Hokkaido, the northernmost part of Japan (except for the remote islands), and about the same as the January temperature in Tokyo.

The total precipitation in October averaged 72.5 mm over the last 11 years, about a third of Tokyo’s.

The first frosts fall in mid-October, more than two months earlier than in Tokyo.

I guess you have found out that the climate in Tokyo and Oslo are quite different.

When I was moving to Oslo, I was worried about the cold weather, and one of my friends said, “Don’t worry! Oslo has a climate about the same as Sendai (Miyagi prefecture)!” I was reassured when I was told that, but then I realized that was wrong information.

Also, the outfit is completely different between these two cities. You can read about it in another article soon.

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