Mino ware: Sake pitcher and cup

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This is the perfect set of sake pitcher and cup for enjoying sake, which is becoming increasingly popular in Norway these days. The design goes well with both clear and nigori sake (cloudy sake).

The use of the color “iridescence” (kosai) represents a vivid rainbow. From a distance, it appears to be all black, but when placed on the table or viewed up close, it is beautiful to see the gradation of various types of black.

【Tips for how to use this product】
The table decoration can be expanded by placing the sake set on a Japanese design luncheon mat or by serving snacks in a Masu or a small bowl or plate with Japanese design.

The cup are slightly larger than Ochoko/Choko sake cups, making them easy to hold even for those with large hands.


Made in Japan, Gifu


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【Tokkuri (Sake pitcher)】
Size: 10.9cm x 9.2cm x H8.6cm
Weight: Approx. 240g
Capacity: 260cc when full
Material: Ceramic

Microwave, dishwasher safe


【Guinomi (Drinking cup)】
Size: 7.3cm x 7.1cm x H4.5cm
Weight: Approx. 83g
Capacity: 80cc when full

Microwave, dishwasher safe

2 reviews for Mino ware: Sake pitcher and cup

  1. Lynn

    This sake set is very nice and neat. It looks good not only for sake, but also for men-tsuyu in summer and nabe-tsuyu or ponzu in winter.

  2. Viggo

    Färgen och storleken var bättre än jag hade föreställt mig. Jag var nöjd med mitt köp.

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