Hinoki cypress Tofu making kit

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A tofu making kit made of fragrant cypress wood.
The kit includes a wooden tofu mold, nigari (for 4 times=8 tofus), instructions for making the tofu (Japanese+English+Norwegian) and cheesecloth.
Soybeans are easy to find in supermarkets and immigrant shops, and you can also make tofu from soy milk.

You can also enjoy the yuba(Tofu skin) and okara(Soy pulp) made during the making process.


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How to make (Video)

How to Make TOFU Recipe & Taste Test | Emmy’s First Time

3 reviews for Hinoki cypress Tofu making kit

  1. Maria

    Smaken av Tofu jeg lagde var mye bedre enn Tofu fra butikker! Fantastisk!

  2. RH

    It was really fun to make a homemade tofu with kids!

  3. Anonymous

    Managed to make the best tofu we ever tasted.

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