6 promises from us about our sencha

1. Non-blended tea leaves

We promise that our teas are “non-blended”.
Which means that they are
single origin, not blended with tea leaves from other regions or with different harvest seasons.
A tea that tastes good without being blended is a tea that is of high quality.

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2. No secondary processing

We promise that our tea is made without any finishing process
such as chopping the leaves into smaller pieces, sifting out the stems or smaller leaves, or heating them to flavour them.

The finishing process often attempts to improve on the taste of the tea artificially.
In other words, it’s an “improvement” that allows the manufacturer to make any kind of tea taste just right.

We believe that the natural aroma and freshness of the tea leaves themselves can be felt without any secondary processing such as chopping or flavoring.

Tasty tea leaves without secondary processing are of great value.

3. Consistency from harvesting to tea making

We promise that in our tea plantation, we grow, harvest, and make tea.
This way, the different characteristics of each tea leaf can be maximized.
Unfortunately, however, it
cannot be mass-produced.

4. Exceptionally-short steaming method

We promise that our tea is made using the shallow steaming method, which is also used in the traditional hand-filming process,
rather than the deep steaming method that has become so popular in recent years.
This means that our tea will retain the same, fresh aroma the tea leaves have prior to being picked in the field and it has a beautiful yellow or yellow-white tinge when brewed.
It also retains that beautiful and fresh aroma the tea plants give off before harvesting which varies from year to year, giving the tea a unique and different characteristic year to year, just like wine. Shallow-steamed tea is often slightly sweet with notes of astringency.

So, what is the deep steaming method that is the opposite of the short steaming method?

5. Know the location of the harvested tea plantation

We promise that our tea can be tracked down to which tea plantation it was harvested from.
By knowing which tea is made by whom and from which tea plantation, you can
trust the quality.

6. Eco-farmer certification and specially cultivated agricultural products

We promise that our tea growers are certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as eco-farmers.
We deliver safe tea with very much reduced pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
Also, our tea is a specially grown agricultural product.
This indicates that they have been grown with both synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers reduced by at least 50% of their practices during the growing season.
In fact, our teas are made with much lower pesticides and chemical fertilizers than the standard for special cultivated agricultural products, and we take great care to produce them.