About Wazuka tea

“Uji tea” is a highly respected specialty of Japanese tea.
Among them, “Wazuka tea” is one of the best in Japan in terms of quality.
All the green teas we handle are from Wazuka.

Uji tea and Wazuka tea

Uji tea

It is a brand name of tea grown in Kyoto, Nara, Shiga and Mie, and manufactured and processed in Kyoto Prefecture.
It is especially known for its premium teas such as gyokuro, tencha and matcha.

It is characterized by astringent taste at first, but a deep taste with a sweetness and richness later on.
Compared to other teas, it has a light yellowish appearance with a slight yellow tinge.

Wazuka tea
Wazuka tea is one of the Uji teas, harvested in Wazuka-cho, Kyoto.
This tea is one of the best-known and most fragrant of all the Uji teas.
Wazuka Town is also known as “Tea Town” as the ideal town of tea, and the town is famous for producing high quality and fragrant sencha tea.
Tea produced in Wazuka is sometimes traded at about three times the average market price compared to teas from Shizuoka and Kagoshima.
Wazuka Town has been cultivating high quality sencha tea with a high aroma for a long time by taking advantage of the favorable weather and soil conditions.
About 40% of the Uji tea is made in Wazuka.
The production of Tencha, which is the base of matcha, is one of the largest in Japan.

The reason why Wazuka tea tastes so good

It is said that the fresh cool air and the temperature difference between day and night are the reasons for the production of delicious Watsuka tea.
Wazuka has a rich forest and the Watsuka River running through the center of the city, making it a foggy environment.
This fog is what makes Watsuka tea a high quality, delicious and fragrant tea.

There are times of the year when direct sunlight must be suppressed when growing fine tea leaves.
The fog that occurs day and night in Wazuka prevents the direct sunlight from reaching the tea trees and prevents the astringency and bitterness of the sweet and savory components in the tea leaves from changing.
The tea made from this natural environment is highly regarded throughout Japan.


Watch the tea fields view in Wazuka (Video)

Price of Wazuka tea

100,888 yen per kilogram. That’s 9352 Norwegian kroner per kilo. (1 krona = 10.5 yen)
This is the highest-priced tea leaves ever sold at the Kyoto tea market in 2009.
This tea is a Wazuka tea produced in Wazuka-cho.
What’s more, they have achieved this record high, three consecutive victories.
The first harvested market for Uji tea in 2019 also had the highest price for tea from Wazuka Town.
The name of Wazuka tea is gaining recognition among tea connoisseurs as the highest priced tea produced in Kyoto.