Hot water brewing

Use plenty of tea leaves and enjoy the aroma and astringency.

Suitable tea

Kabuse sencha

Sencha Taiyo

Sencha Kaze

Sencha Daichi


Hojicha Medium roast

Hojicha Dark roast

Kyo Bancha

What to prepare?

Hot water 90℃~100℃ : 100 ml / person / extraction
Tea leaves: 3 g  / person
A teapot: Bigger one is recommended
Teacups : Thicker one is recommended

How to brew?

1st brewing
1. Place dry tea leaves in the teapot.
2. Pour hot water in a circular motion in order to soak all tea leaves evenly.
3. Wait 15 to 20 seconds for green tea and Genmaicha, and about 30 seconds for Hojicha.
4. Pour evenly into cups and enjoy!

2nd brewing
Extract in about 10 seconds.

After the 3rd brewing
Gradually lengthen the extraction time.

Even after the taste, color, and aroma have disappeared, you can still enjoy a sweet tea the next morning by pouring hot water over it and leaving it overnight.

How to evenly pour tea into tea cups?

For a single serving
Pour a small amount into several portions. Shake the teapot to make sure it pours down to the last drop.

For multiple servings
Pour from the first teacup to the last teacup in a back-and-forth manner, as shown in the image below. Make sure the tea in the teacup is evenly colored.