Preserving green tea

Tea is susceptible to humidity and temperature changes.
To enjoy a good cup of tea, don’t buy a lot of tea at once, but buy it often enough to drink in a month.

How to store tea?

The best way to preserve tea is to store it at room temperature in a cool, dark place where there is little humidity change and no sunlight.

× Store in a refrigerator
We don’t recommend refrigerating the tea because the aroma of other foods can easily transfer to the tea and the temperature difference between the tea and the outside air can make it humid.

〇 Store in a freezer.
If you are storing a large quantity of tea for a long period of time, please store it in the freezer unopened.
To use, take it out of the freezer and return it to room temperature, then open the lid and enjoy.

Store at room temperature after opening the package.

After opening the package

It is best to store it in an airtight tea can with an inside lid.
If you are storing the bag after it has been opened, air it out as much as possible and close the opening with a clip or rubber band.
The zipper type bags are convenient and easy to use.

How to drink tea that has become stale or damp

It would be a waste to throw away the tea just because it is in a bad condition.
You can drink it as a homemade Hojicha.

How to make homemade Hojicha?

1.Place a baking sheet in a frying pan, place the tea leaves on top and stir over low heat.
2. Turn off the heat when it starts to smell slightly fragrant and becomes slightly golden brown.
3. After it gets cool, brew it like a normal Hojicha.