Ice cube brewing

In one sip, the extract of the tea itself spreads in your mouth, as it could not be richer.
The finished product is about half a cup of espresso per serving and can be described as a kind of tea version of espresso.
Enjoy a completely different taste than when brewing in hot water.

Suitable tea


Kabuse sencha

Sencha Taiyo

Sencha Kaze

Sencha Daichi

What to prepare?

Ice cube: 80 g- / person
Tea leaves: 2 g- / person
A teapot
Tea cups

How to brew?

1st brewing

1. Place the tea leaves in the teapot.

2. Put ice on the tea leaves.

3. Wait for the ice to melt.

When the room temperature is warm, store the teapot in a refrigerator to avoid the tea leaves get bad.

You can enjoy the tea from the same tea leaves about five times in the same way.
Be sure to pour out all the tea from the teapot after each brewing.

Alternatively, you can also use the following method.

After the first brewing
You can enjoy various flavors by gradually raising the temperature of water,
such as water brewing, warm water brewing, and hot water brewing.