Warm water brewing 【Sakura】

Enjoy the cuteness of sakura petal and great scent.

Suitable tea

Sakura tea

What to prepare?

Lukewarm water: 40℃ : 45 ml / person
Hot water 90℃~100℃ : 150 ml / person
Sakura blossom: 2 / person
A small bowl
A tea cup

How to brew?

(For 1 cup)
1. Prepare 45 ml of lukewarm water in a bowl. (About 40℃)
2. Place 2 sakura blossoms in the lukewarm water and let them stay for 5 minutes in order to remove the salt.
Keep the salted water for later to adjust the flavor.
3. Place sakura blossoms
in a tea cup.
4. Pour 150 ml of hot water (About 90℃) and 1 tea spoon of the salted reserved in step 2 into the tea cup.

You can adjust the flavor by adding the salt water from step 2.

You can use green tea insted of water in step 4.