Warm water brewing 【Sencha】

Enjoy the difference in sweetness, Umami, aroma and astringency between the different tea leaves.

Suitable tea

Sencha Taiyo

Sencha Daichi

Sencha Kaze

Sencha Kirameki

What to prepare?

Hot water 100℃ : 70 ml~ / person /extraction
Tea leaves: 3 g  / person
A teapot: Round shape one is recommended.
Teacups: Small and thin one is recommended.

One extra teacup can be used to cool the water to the right temperature after the second brewing.

How to brew?

1st brewing (Enjoying the Umami)
Water amount: 70 ml / person
Water temperature: 70℃
Brewing time: 30 – 40 seconds

2. When the teapot has warmed up to the outside, transfer evenly the hot water into each teacups.

3. Put the lea leaves into the teapot and close the lid.

4. Wait for the water in the teacup to reach about 70℃.

5. Pour the warm water into the teapot evenly over the tea leaves.

6. Let the lid open and wait for about 30 seconds.

7. Close the lid and pour evenly and gently into tea cups.


Be sure to pour in every last drop. It is the most delicious part.

If you open the lid of the teapot a little after first brewing, the tea leaves will not steam and the second brew will be delicious.

2nd brewing (Enjoying the aroma)
Water amount: 70 ml / person
Water temperature: Around 80℃
Brewing time: 10 seconds

1. Pour the hot water into the teapot.
2. Close the lid and wait for about 10 seconds.
3. Pour evenly into cups and enjoy!

3rd brewing (Enjoying the astringency)

This is the right time to enjoy sweets. The bitterness of the tea matches the sweetness of the sweets.
Water amount:  70 ml / person
Water temperature: 80℃~
Brewing time: 0 seconds

1. Pour the hot water into the teapot.
2. Close the lid and pour evenly into cups.

After the 4th brewing
As the number of extractions increases, the temperature of the hot water should be higher and the extraction time should be shorter.

You can fully enjoy up to the 4th or 5th brewing.

The tea leaves are fine and soft, so you can eat the tea husks that are left over after you’ve enjoyed the tea.

Click here for the recipe.

How to evenly pour tea into tea cups?

For a single serving
Pour a small amount into several portions. Shake the teapot to make sure it pours down to the last drop.

For multiple servings
Pour from the first teacup to the last teacup in a back-and-forth manner, as shown in the image below. Make sure the tea in the teacup is evenly colored.