Chirimen Furoshiki cloth: Dark green

Furoshiki cloth are type of Japanese wrapping cloth traditionally used to transport clothes, gifts, cakes, bottles, books or other things.

It is really environmetally-friendly products because if you have one always in your bag, you do not need to get plastic bags.


Example of usage 

-Wrapping Gifts

-Wrapping a bottle or two of wine

-Wrapping a lunch box

-Use as a small bag

-Use to organize suitcases (wrap underwear, etc. and sort them)


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Size: 70 cm x 70 cm

Material: Chirimen (Polyester) 100%

Origin: Kyoto, Japan

How to wrap?

These Youtube videos are really helpful.

Basic Knot

Wine Bottle Wrapping: Single

Wine Bottle Wrapping: Double

4 Simple Ways to Wrap FUROSHIKI!

How to Wrap a Furoshiki


This is a really cool video about how to use Furoshiki in daily life.

Eco&Friendly Furoshiki life / MUSUBI / One day with your Furoshiki



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