Hakusan ware: Tea pot【Good design award】

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Hasami ware tea pot from Hakusan-toki.
This teapot is handcrafted by artisans in Hasami, Nagasaki.
The beautiful shape of the teapot, which won the Good Design Award, goes well with both Japanese-style and Western/Nordic-style interior.
Designed by Sakamoto Yasuki.

【Judge comments】
Everyone can understand the excellent features of this design as soon as they touch it.
The long handle that is easy to hold and the knob on the lid that is sculpted so that your thumb can suck on it perfectly is very well designed.
I was amazed at how much design potential remains in even the most ordinary items we use on a daily basis.

One of the reasons for its popularity is not only its beautiful appearance, but also its ease of use.
It features
– A long and curbed grip that is easy to grip for everyone
– A knob on the lid that is easy to put a finger on and hold
– A large, fine-grained ceramic tea strainer that prevents clogging
– A wide opening allow as to wash the tea pot easily
– Can brew a wide range of teas, including Asamushi Sencha (short period steamed tea) ,Hojicha etc.

All the teas we sell in our store are asamushi (short period steamed tea).
So this tea pot works perfectly.

For right-handed users.


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Caspacity: 400 ml
Size: φ10.5×9.5cm
Material: Porcelain
Series: Sawa series (Cup, saucer, tea pot)

Microwave: Yes (Low to medium heat)
Dishwasher: Yes (Hand Wash recommended)
Oven: No

For right-handed users.

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