Hario glass bottle for cold tea: Red

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If you like tea, you must have this bottle. It is a stylish and elegant bottle that has won the Good Design Award.

A fine filter is set in the spout to scrape tea leaves and prevent them from coming out of the bottle.

Please enjoy tea as an alternative to sweet juices and as a non-alcoholic drink option.


In addition to water-brewed tea, it can also be used for making fruit tea, sangria, and water-brewed dashi (Japanese soup stock).

All the parts are removable for easy cleaning.


Features of Water-Brewed Tea

At low temperatures, caffeine, the bitter component, is hardly extracted.

Therefore, you can feel the sweetness, umami, and mellowness of the tea.

Another great advantage is that you can get vitamin C, which is sensitive to high temperatures.


Made in Japan

Koga, Ibaraki


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Bottom diameter 80mm x height 300mm

Capacity: 750ml

Dishwasher safe

Maximum temperature (body): 120°C


Body: Heat-resistant glass

Spout, stopper: Silicone rubber

Filter: Polypropylene

All made in Japan

Tea recommendations

Gyokuro, Kabuse Sencha

Recommended for those who want to enjoy a luxurious tea. You can make a really sweet tea!


Sencha Taiyo, Sencha Kaze, Sencha Daichi

If you are new to tea or not a fan of warm sencha, try these teas.

It has almost no bitterness or astringency, so you can enjoy a sweet and mellow taste that is completely different from warm green tea.



You can taste the mellow umami of tea and the sweetness of roasted glutinous rice at the same time. It is easy to drink and recommended for children as well.

How to make tea

  1. Add about 10-15 grams of your favorite tea leaves in the water bottle.
  2. Pour in water and refrigerate for at least two hours or overnight.

It is convenient to make it the night before you drink it.

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