Hinoki: Onsen bath ball

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For onsen lovers and those who love Japanese scents!

It makes your bathroom at home feel like a hot spring.
You can also use this ball to give yourself a massage in the bath, for deodorizing entrances, rooms, and bathrooms etc..

This hot spring ball is made from natural hinoki (Japanese cypress) from Gifu Prefecture.
This cypress is called Tono Hinoki, and is known for its fine annual rings and the many fragrant components of cypress.

Bring the scent of hinoki into your daily life!


Made in Japan

Nakatsugawa, Gifu


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3.5 cm (diameter)
10 pieces


Hinoki (Japanese cypress)


Yamacoh. Co., Ltd.


When using in the bath, dry thoroughly in the shade after use.

When the scent fades, rub the surface lightly with sandpaper to bring back the scent.

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  1. Eva

    Disse lukter fantastisk!

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