Inu Hariko: Mini writing set

From the lucky charm series by Umeya, an eraser stamp artist, comes an easy-to-use size mini letter!
The design is based on the motif of “InuHariko,” a traditional Japanese handicraft. These modern mini letters are a unique product of Umeya, which balances both ease of writing and design.

These are several products in the same series.


About InuHariko

Inuhariko are papier-mache dolls in the shape of puppies, available in a variety of colors and sizes. Inuhariko dolls have long been loved for their ability to bring up a child, ensure safe delivery, and ward off bad luck.


Made in Japan


In stock


Writing paper size: 70mm x 105mm

Envelope size: 80mm x 110mm


15 writing papers and 5 envelopes


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