Miyama: Craftsman-made tea cup Sakura

It has a comfortable matte texture when you hold it, and its cute round shape.
It’s perfect for everyday use as well as for guests.
The cherry blossom color is seasonal.
This is a limited edition item that is produced only in spring.
You can use this product for use not only as a tea cup, but also as a container for small items, a small bowl, or for drinking sake with large ice cubes.

We have a saucer and different sized teapots in the same color.


In stock



Capacity: Approx. 120ml

The small size makes it ideal for small amounts of hot water, such as gyokuro, kabase sencha and other types of sencha.


Microwave and dishwasher safe



The kiln is located in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture, and has a history of 1,300 years.

It specializes in the production of porcelain, especially white porcelain, and in the mid-to-late Showa period,

the kiln supplied white porcelain tableware to Western brands in Europe and the United States, as a factory of the world.

The history, region, materials, and techniques have been handed down from our predecessors, and they continue to make products carefully in the present day.

The company has received the Good Design Award, operated by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, five times.


This product is fired in a kiln by an artisan to bring out the natural texture of clay.

For this reason, there may be differences in the finish of the firing, such as shading, color irregularities, rubbing, and spots.

Please enjoy the difference in expression as a warm texture of the pottery.


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