Noren curtain: Ume

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This is a luxurious Noren dyed by a traditional Japanese craft called “Rouketsu zome”.
In this traditional technique, the waxed area is not dyed but left white and cracks are made to express beautiful patterns.
The cracks do not break in the same way, so each piece has a different pattern.
The Japanese-inspired colors are very beautiful and fit in well with Scandinavian homes.

This Noren is a general type of Noren with a split in the middle. Sticks for hanging are not included.


Made in Gunma, Japan


Only 1 left in stock


85 cm (width) X 150 cm (length)


100% cotton

1 review for Noren curtain: Ume

  1. Astrid

    Det tradisjonelle designet og den høye kvaliteten er utmerket.

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