Tokoname ware Beige Tea pot: Jinsui pottery

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This handmade Kyusu (Japanese tea pot) is known for its high quality.

It was made at Jinsui pottery, Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture,
which is known for its pottery, especially tea utensils, for over a thousand years.

We recommend this product to those who are particular about quality.

The well-designed comfortable grip is ideal for pouring every last drop of tea.
When the lid is closed, there is almost no gap between the lid and the body.
The stable flat round shape allows tea leaves to expand well.

The tea strainer is made of a mesh-like ceramic with holes drilled one by one by hand.
It is ideal for brewing asamushicha, such as Uji tea.


Made in Japan

Tokoname, Aichi


In stock


230 cc (for 2 to 3 persons)
The capacity is 80 percent of the full capacity.

Tokoname ware teapot

Ceramic teapots have better water absorption and heat retention properties than porcelain teapots, which helps to reduce the scent and make the tea mellower.


Tokonameyaki teapots in particular are made from clay that contains a lot of iron oxide,

so when the tea is brewed, the tannin in the tea reacts with the clay, removing the bitterness and making the tea mellow.

The more you use it, the more the taste of the tea will soak into the kyusu, and the more the charm of the teapot will increase.

How to check the quality

Select a kyusu with a well-developed grind.

  In order to make a lid that fits the main body of the kyusu, the lid and kyusu are individually adjusted to eliminate any rattling.
  Suri-matching increases the degree of sealing and prevents unnecessary air from entering, so the original flavor, aroma, and color of the tea can be brought out.

  In addition, even if the kyusu is tilted, the tea will not leak out through the gap between the lid and the body, allowing the tea to be poured down to the last drop.

About the tea strainer

Ceramic tea strainer (Ceramesh)
 A ceramic tea strainer is more prone to clogging than a metal tea strainer, so it is a little more maintenance required, but the ceramic tea strainer brings out the original flavor of the tea.
 Because it is made of ceramic, it has no metallic smell, and because it has the largest area of contact between the tea and the kyusu, the tea leaves inside the kyusu dance (jumping) when hot water is poured into it, bringing out the best flavor of the tea.

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  1. Hannah

    Den er min andre tekanne fra samme serie. Kjempefornøyd.

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