Arita ware: Soy sauce dispenser: Budo

This soy sauce dispenser is made of Arita ware, one of the three major ceramics in Japan.
Each piece is carefully made by hand.
The color and texture fit in well with Scandinavian dining tables.
The lid is screwed on, so you can use it with one hand without the lid falling off.
By tilting it slowly, soy sauce will not drip onto the table or stick around the bottle.

This product comes with a box, so it is highly recommended as a gift.


Arita, Saga, Japan


Out of stock


55cm x 9cm



How to use

The lid of the Rakuraku Soy Sauce Bottle is a screw-on type.
To close the lid, align the two protrusions on the inside of the body with the grooves on the lid, and gently turn the lid to the right. When the screw stops, the lid is closed.
Turn the lid to the left, align the grooves on the lid with the protrusions on the main unit, and pull the lid off.

If the groove and the projection are not aligned, the lid may not come off.
Turning the lid too hard may damage the lid or body.


Dishwasher: No

Microwave: No

Oven: No


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