Domburi: Tokusa 14.6cm

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This is a beautiful bowl with a traditional Japanese “Tokusa” pattern.

It is made lightly, so you will not get tired even if you hold it for a long time.

It is the perfect size for oyakodon, tamagodon, tendon, etc., as well as maze-udon and mazesoba.

At the local market, many customers bought several of them at once.


Made in Japan

Mizunami, Gifu


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What is Mino ware?

Mino ware is called as Mino-yaki in Japanese.

Mino ware is an pottery made in Mino area which is located in Gifu prefecture.
Mino ware production started in this area during Tumulus Period as the soil in Mino contains plenty of ingredients required for pottery.
In Japan, mino ware is the most popular pottery. Its share now goes beyond 50% of the Japanese pottery market.



Size: φ14.6 cm ×14.6 cm x H 7.4 cm

Capacity: 650 cc

Material: Porcelain (Minoware)

Quantity: 1


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1 review for Domburi: Tokusa 14.6cm

  1. Kevin

    I thought it was a bit expensive before I bought it, but after seeing what I received, I changed my mind and thought it was worth more than the price.
    Please keep up the great work.

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