Eating/storage bowl: Ivy

Water repellent Kittachi / Kittate shape bowl.

It can be used for eating, serving and store food (with a lid).

S size is good for fruits, ice cream, snack, etc.

M size is good for salad, soup etc.



What is Mino ware?

Mino ware is called as Mino-yaki in Japanese.

Mino ware is an pottery made in Mino area which is located in Gifu prefecture.
Mino ware production started in this area during Tumulus Period as the soil in Mino contains plenty of ingredients required for pottery.
In Japan, mino ware is the most popular pottery. Its share now goes beyond 50% of the Japanese pottery market.



S size: 280 ml
M size: 470 ml

S: φ10.7 × H 5.2 cm
M: φ13.1 × H 5.9 cm

Material: Porcelain (Mino ware)

Quantity: 1

Made in Japan


Washing machine: 〇
Microwave: 〇
Oven: ×

This product fits with this lid.


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