Handmade Furoshiki cloth: Dango Taisho retro

Japanese cotton Furoshiki cloth.

Furoshiki cloth are type of Japanese wrapping cloth traditionally used to transport clothes, gifts, cakes, bottles, books or other things.

It is really environmetally-friendly products because if you have one always in your bag, you do not need to get plastic bags.


Examples of usage (45-50cm)

-Wrapping a lunch box

-Wrapping Matpakke

-As a plastic bottle cover

-Wrapping tissue boxes

-Wrapping small items

-As a book cover

-Decorate as a wall hanging


Only 1 left in stock


Size: 48 cm x 48 cm

Brand: Musubi

Designer: Yumeji Takeshita

Material: Cotton 100%

Origin: Kyoto, Japan

How to wrap?

These Youtube videos are really helpful.

Basic Knot

Wine Bottle Wrapping: Single

Wine Bottle Wrapping: Double

4 Simple Ways to Wrap FUROSHIKI!

How to Wrap a Furoshiki


This is a really cool video about how to use Furoshiki in daily life.

Eco&Friendly Furoshiki life / MUSUBI / One day with your Furoshiki



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