Kabuse sencha Organic (60g)

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The most popular tea in our tea selections.
It is characterized by sweetness like Dashi (Japanese soup stock), mild astringency and soft, vivid green tea leaves
and it is illustrative of traditional high quality Japanese teas.

It can be brewed with ice, water, lukewarm water or boiling water, and you can enjoy the different taste and aroma of each.

The tea leaves are so soft that you can eat the crusts after 3 or more brews.


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What is Kabuse Sencha?
The Japanese word “Kabuse” means shaded.
Kabuse Sencha or shaded tea, is a premium tea rich in Umami.
Produced by covering the tea plants just after new leaves begin to sprout in early May,
the shade reduces sunlight by as much as 85% to encourage the plants to produce wide, tender, chlorophyll-rich tea leaves.
Distinctive and intense lingering Umami, sweet and rich.
Vegetal with subtle notes of spinach and a thick mouthfeel.
The taste changes remarkably depending on the brewed temperature.

The brewing temperature affects the color of the tea.
When brewed with lukewarm water, it has a golden color, when brewed under ice cubes, its brilliance increases,
and when brewed with boiling water, it gets bright green.
The characteristic of the color of this tea is that it is transparent and different from the green of deep steamed tea.

Youthful and elegant. Mellow aroma.
When it is brewed at low temperature, you can enjoy a muffled aroma,
and when it is brewed with boiling water, you can enjoy a youthful and elegant aroma.
When it is brewed with boiling water, it has a youthful and elegant aroma.

The leaves
Tea leaves:
It is characterized by dark deep green tea leaves.
The tea is made up of only soft shoots, so it is finer and tighter.
The soft tips of the new shoots are powdery, and they have a particularly concentrated flavor.

The used tea leaves:
The tea leaves are thin and large and bright green, like boiled spinach.
The stalk is soft. So you can eat all of the used tea leaves.


Wazuka (Kyoto)
Tea field: A tea field with a good view of the steep southeast-facing slope at an altitude of over 500 meters.
Tea cultivar: Yabukita (35-year-old tree)
Cultivation: Shaded (3 weeks)
Harvest season: Middle of May
Processing: Lightly steamed (20 sec.), rolled and dried
2nd processing: None
Surprise your guests
Morning. As a coffee substitute.


Tea leaves: 2-2.5 g / person
65℃ water: 40 ml- / person
Brewing time: 90 seconds

This tea can be drunk up to the fourth or fifth infusion.
After drinking the tea, you can eat the used tea leaves.

Detailed instructions for brewing Kabuse Sencha


Best before: 1 year after purchase

The best way to preserve tea is to store it at room temperature in a cool, dark place where there is little humidity change and no sunlight.

Detailed instructions how to preserve green teas

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    mye for pengene

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    Lukter og smaker godt. Helt annet nivå.

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