Mino ware Large Bowl/Domburi 21,4cm: Scorched surface coloring

This is a wonderful noodle bowl that shows deep blue, pale blue, and deep sea-like colors depending on the angle.
It goes well with any kind of food, Japanese, Western, or Chinese.
It is a product that has been loved for a long time, with a design that never gets old.

This noodle bowl makes dishes look gorgeous, so it is especially recommended for cold somen, chilled Chinese noodles, soba, etc., not to mention ramen and udon.
It is also cute to serve rice in a round shape in the middle for ochazuke or fried rice.

A single noodle bowl with a powerful presence will give your dining table a different atmosphere.


Made in Japan
Toki, Gifu


Out of stock


Diameter: approx. 21.4cm
Height: approx. 8.2cm


Dishwasher: Yes

Microwave: Yes

Oven: No

Note about ceramics

The following phenomena that occur during the manufacturing process of ceramics are unavoidable, and should be understood as characteristics of the product before ordering.

Please note that the following phenomena are not defective products.

  • Shading, shifting, or blurring of the pattern
  • Unevenness of the glaze
  • Small black spots
  • Small dimples
  • Air bubbles


In addition, there may be slight differences in color between products of the same type, but this is also a result of handwork.


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