Mino ware Rice bowl: Red flower

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This rice bowl has an elegant vermilion floral pattern and cute dots of Japanese colors scattered throughout.
The contrast between the brown lines on the rim and the whiteness of the rice bowl itself is beautiful.

The teacup is slightly small and easy to hold.

Made in Japan
Toki, Gifu


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What is Mino ware?

Mino ware is called as Mino-yaki in Japanese.

Mino ware is an pottery made in Mino area which is located in Gifu prefecture.
Mino ware production started in this area during Tumulus Period as the soil in Mino contains plenty of ingredients required for pottery.
In Japan, mino ware is the most popular pottery. Its share now goes beyond 50% of the Japanese pottery market.




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Note about ceramics

The following phenomena that occur during the manufacturing process of ceramics are unavoidable, and should be understood as characteristics of the product before ordering.

Please note that the following phenomena are not defective products.

  • Shading, shifting, or blurring of the pattern
  • Unevenness of the glaze
  • Small black spots
  • Small dimples
  • Air bubbles


In addition, there may be slight differences in color between products of the same type, but this is also a result of handwork.

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