Mino ware shallow Bowl 16,5cm: Kohiki Flower

The beauty of this flat bowl is the boldness of the large flower patterns and the subdued colors.
The deep indigo color, the blotchy Japanese pattern, and the irregularities on the surface create an elegant atmosphere that is unique to traditional Japanese ware.
The thin thickness of the bowl makes it easy to use and convenient.
It can be used for serving side dishes, as an eating plate, or as a shallow bowl to hold food with a lot of liquid.

Because they are made by hand by artisans, no two pieces are the same.
It is a good idea to have a set to enjoy the slightly different colors and glazes of each piece.
Use them not only for daily use, but also for serving guests. You are sure to get compliments.



Kohiki is a pottery technique in which white mud is poured on top of red clay, which is the base of the pottery, and then transparent glaze is poured on top of that.
It is characterized by the thickness created by the three layers of clay, white mud, and glaze, and the warm, soft white color that only earthenware can provide.
This white color can be matched with any kind of food, including Japanese, Western, and ethnic dishes.


Made in Japan
Toki, Gifu


In stock


Diameter: approx. 16,5cm
Height: approx. 2,3cm


Dishwasher: Yes

Microwave: Yes

Oven: No

Note about cermics

The following phenomena that occur during the manufacturing process of ceramics are unavoidable, and should be understood as characteristics of the product before ordering.

Please note that the following phenomena are not defective products.

  • Shading, shifting, or blurring of the pattern
  • Unevenness of the glaze
  • Small black spots
  • Small dimples
  • Air bubbles


In addition, there may be slight differences in color between products of the same type, but this is also a result of handwork.


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