Mugicha (Roasted barley tea)

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The barley tea is made by the same method as when the company was founded in 1940, and is carefully made by artisans.
The far-infrared radiation from the stone kiln allows the barley to be slowly roasted,
so it has a different aroma and taste from the mass-produced barley tea,
which is roasted by blowing hot air on the surface of the barley.
It is made only from six-row barley grown by contract farmers in Japan.

100% pesticide-free when it is grown.
Caffeine free.


*It contains gluten (Barley).


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200 g (10g x 20 bags)

It contains gluten (Barley).


How to brew Mugicha (Barley tea)

3 reviews for Mugicha (Roasted barley tea)

  1. Tor

    Veldig fornøyd!

  2. Sandra

    Veldig god kvalitet og smak.

  3. みのり


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