Sencha Kaze (60g)

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Wind brings a moss-like green into the cup, offering a notable aroma of willow bark and wet stone.

With a beautifully cloudy liquor, it has a vegetal and gentle Umami taste.

The mouthfeel is thick and smooth.

This tea is shaded from the sun for two weeks before harvest and is made from a traditional Zairai cultivar. A wonderful and mellow tea.


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The tea has a soft sweetness that embraces you and gives you a sense of the power behind it.
You can enjoy the soft sweetness of the tea when it is brewed with warm water,
and it does not become bitter even if it is brewed with boiling water.

When brewed in warm water, it is a pale speckled color,
when brewed in water, it is a pale green,
and when served in boiling water, it changes its color to a bright green.
It has an impressive hue.

The scent of a crisp spring breeze blowing through the tea plantations on the mountain slopes.

The leaves
Tea leaves:
Deep green large tea leaves.

The used tea leaves:
Vivid green tea leaves interwoven with large and small. Enough soft to eat.


Wazuka (Kyoto)
Tea field: This tea was harvested from a valuable native tea field that extends to the southeast side of a gentle valley.
Because the altitude is over 500 meters, the harvesting season is relatively late.
Tea cultivar: Native (20-year-old tree)
Cultivation: Shaded (Two weeks.)
Harvest season: Late of May
Processing: Lightly steamed (20 sec.), rolled and dried
2nd processing: None
Serve your guests
Morning. As a coffee substitute.


Tea leaves: 2-3 g / person
65℃ water: 70 ml- / person
Brewing time: 30-45 seconds

This tea can be drunk up to the third or forth infusion.
After drinking the tea, you can eat the used tea leaves.

Detailed instructions for brewing Sencha


Best before: 1 year after purchase

The best way to preserve tea is to store it at room temperature in a cool, dark place where there is little humidity change and no sunlight.

Detailed instructions how to preserve green teas

2 reviews for Sencha Kaze (60g)

  1. Anonym

    Utrolig fersk og fin. Med vann 75 grader var perfekt for meg.

  2. Olav

    Jeg smakte den på markedet i Drammen. Fantastisk! Dere bør ha en butikk!

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