Sencha Taiyo (60g)

A Sencha of the highest quality.
It has an enchantingly elegant fragrance called Kirika (mist aroma).

This is composed of lovely dark green needles that create a sun-lit golden liquor.

A delicious floral aftertaste reminiscent of crushed laurel persists.


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The perfect balance of astringency and sweetness can be enjoyed.
At a low temperature, it has a dusty sweetness, and at a high temperature, it has a youthful astringency,
followed by a slight sweetness that spreads to the back of the throat.

The tea has a bright golden color at low temperatures and a clear golden-yellow color at high temperatures.

As soon as you open the tea bag, take a whiff of the fragrance.
The elegant and enchanting fragrance will fill your nostrils.
This is a fragrant Sencha with a unique “Kirika”(For aroma), unique to Wazuka teas.

Kirika: Soft and elegant fragrance, which is unique to the tea of Wazuka, where fog is often generated.

The leaves
Tea leaves:
Deep green. Tight and thin.

The used tea leaves:
Plump and thick, bright shallow green tea leaves. Soft enough to eat.


Wazuka (Kyoto)
Tea field: An open-air tea field on a gently sloping south-facing hill with good sunshine.
A small stream flows nearby, which causes a lot of fog and yields a very fragrant cup of tea every year.
Tea cultivar: Yabukita (15-year-old tree)
Cultivation: Unshaded
Harvest season: Early of May
Processing: Lightly steamed (20 sec.), rolled and dried
2nd processing: None
Serve your guests
Morning. As a coffee substitute.


Tea leaves: 2-3 g / person
65℃ water: 70 ml- / person
Brewing time: 30-45 seconds

This tea can be drunk up to the third or forth infusion.
After drinking the tea, you can eat the used tea leaves.

Detailed instructions for brewing Sencha


Best before: 1 year after purchase

The best way to preserve tea is to store it at room temperature in a cool, dark place where there is little humidity change and no sunlight.

Detailed instructions how to preserve green teas


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