Training chopsticks for right hand: 18cm

These training chopsticks are highly recommended for those who have difficulty using chopsticks or who want to practice using them. They are specially designed with indentations that follow the shape of your fingers, allowing you to learn how to hold chopsticks naturally.

We have three different lengths products: 18 cm, 20.5 cm, and 23 cm.

Please refer to the last one of the product images for how to choose the chopsticks that are right for you.


Made in Japan


In stock




Dishwashier: No

Microwave: No

Oven: No


Japanese natural lacquer


Which is better, the one with rings or this product?

We do not carry training chopsticks with rings.
This is because the way to use chopsticks with rings is very different from the way to hold regular chopsticks, and practicing for a long time with those with rings will unfortunately not lead to holding regular chopsticks correctly.
Many schools and kindergartens even disallow the use of ring chopsticks.

For this reason, we recommend this products with the special shape.
This product comes with an illustration explaining how to hold them, so you can easily learn how to use them.


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