XL Furoshiki cloth: Ukiyoe The great wave of Kanagawa

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Furoshiki cloth are type of Japanese wrapping cloth traditionally used to transport clothes, gifts, cakes, bottles, books or other things.

It is really environmetally-friendly products because if you have one always in your bag, you do not need to get plastic bags.


Example of usage 

-Keep it in your bag and wrap your shopping items

-Tie the ends together and use it as a bag

-Organize your suitcase (wrap your clothes and underwear)

-Sub bag for traveling.

-Use as a shawl

-Wrap gifts or wine

-Decorate as a wall hanging

-Use as a cushion cover


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Size: 118 cm x 118 cm

Material: Cotton 100%

Origin: Kyoto, Japan

How to wrap?

These Youtube videos are really helpful.

Basic Knot

Wine Bottle Wrapping: Single

Wine Bottle Wrapping: Double

4 Simple Ways to Wrap FUROSHIKI!

How to Wrap a Furoshiki


This is a really cool video about how to use Furoshiki in daily life.

Eco&Friendly Furoshiki life / MUSUBI / One day with your Furoshiki



Why do some products have only two of the four sides sewn?


Furoshiki is made by cutting a piece of cloth called Tanmono, which is rolled up into a single piece.

Therefore, the cut edges are sewn so that they do not unravel.

The edges that are not sewn are called Mimi, and are folded more precisely than the main body of the cloth so that they do not fray.

For furoshiki that are smaller than the width of the cloth, all sides are sewn to prevent fraying.

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  1. Maya

    Kawaii!! I use it as a tapestry.

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