Hasami ware Rice bowl: Knit stripe Red

A bowl with wonderful attention to texture.
The contrast between the rough outer surface and the smooth glazed surface is very beautiful. The attention to texture has allowed us to give it a lovely appearance, just like a sweater knitted with woolen yarn.
The inside of the piece has a wonderful design with Kannyu.

What is Kannyu?

Literally translated as “penetrating/piercing in” and often referred to as a crackle glaze, this type of glaze contains a network of hairline cracks, which often expand across the entire surface of a vessel. This intentionally-produced decorative effect is achieved during the firing process and is the result of pairing glaze and paste materials that have different rates of expansion. Crackle glazes are common on Satsuma-style wares


Made in Japan
Hasami, Nagasaki


In stock


11cm x 6,5cm


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Note about ceramics

The following phenomena that occur during the manufacturing process of ceramics are unavoidable, and should be understood as characteristics of the product before ordering.

Please note that the following phenomena are not defective products.

  • Shading, shifting, or blurring of the pattern
  • Unevenness of the glaze
  • Small black spots
  • Small dimples
  • Air bubbles


In addition, there may be slight differences in color between products of the same type, but this is also a result of handwork.


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