Hojicha powder (100g/200g/500g)

This tea powder was born after many requests from Japanese confectioners.
It is a really fine and has a naturally sweet taste and a pleasantly woody and nutty aroma.
It’s especially good for those who like to bake, as home mills can’t powder it so finely.

It can be used in all kinds of baked goods such as madeleines, pancakes, rolls, cookies, breads,
also chocolates, ice cream, mousses, hojicha lattes and pasta etc.

It is just as popular as matcha powder.

1kg is enough for eg. about 33 hojicha lattes or 4 liters of ice cream, etc.




Tea cultivar: Mixed (Uji/Wazuka tea)

Cultivation: Unshaded

Processing: Steamed, rolled, dried, roasted and ground


Quantity: 100 g / 200g / 500g

Best before: 1 year after the purchase


You can find various recipes which use Hojicha powder here.


Recipe: Hojicha 



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