Masu: Square wooden box/cup

A square box made of Hinoki (Japanese cypress) with a warm and refreshing feel to the touch.
Hinoki (Japanese cypress) is known for its fresh aroma, beautiful grain, antibacterial action, and strength.

-If you pour Sake, you can enjoy the faint aroma of Hinoki transferred into Sake.

The aroma of Japanese cypress transfers to the sake and enhances the taste of the sake.
If you put a little salt on a corner of the Masu box and slurp Sake from there, the sweetness of the sake will be enhanced by the salt.

-It is a perfect for measuring Japanese rice. (1 Japanese cup for rice = 180ml)

-You can use it for as a containers for small goods.




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Approx. 8.3 x 8.3 x H5.6 cm (inside dimension: approx. 6.1 x 6.1 x H4.6 cm)

Capacity: 180 ml

Material/components: Hinoki (plain, unpainted)

Made in Japan


1. There may be some glue residue on the bottom plate that is used for gluing the bottom plate together,
but please be assured that this is not harmful to the human body.

They are caused by the production process.


2. Dishwasher: Not recommended.
Be careful not to wash it with detergent or high temperature water as the fragrance of the Hinoki cypress will disappear.
You can wash it with salt or baking soda instead.

After washing, blow off the water and let it dry naturally.
Avoid filling the cup with drinks for a long time.


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