Non-stick Chiffon cake form 18cm: Fuji Porcelain Enamel

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Chiffon cake mold with removable bottom pan.


It is often said that the most difficult part of baking a chiffon cake is unmolding it.

This product from the bakeWare series by Fuji Hollow solves that problem.

The inside of the mold is coated with Xylan, a non-stick fluoropolymer coating from Whitford, USA.


The result is non-stick, clean baking. Recommended for both beginners and experienced bakers.


If you use tea powder, you can easily bake matcha, hojicha, and genmaicha flavored chiffon cakes.


Manufactured in a sister factory in China, with final checks and inspections in Japan.


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Diameter 180 x H90mm (Innside H85mm)

Heat resistant temperature / 250°C
For oven use only.


Steel, fluorine coated resin


Grease the sides and bottom with butter or oil before putting dough in.


The sweetness of the chiffon cake goes well with the astringent tea.



The BakeWare series utilizes the molding and coating technologies that have been accumulated over the years for confectionery, cakes, and baking products.

It has been approved by professional bakers.


When using a fluoroplastic-coated mold, the sides of the cake may separate from the mold during cooling

depending on the condition of the batter (amount of water added, amount of flour, meringue), baking time and temperature.

This is a rare occurrence when using the product for the first time,

but it is a characteristic of the fluoroplastic coating that resists sticking and has good mold-releasing properties.

4 reviews for Non-stick Chiffon cake form 18cm: Fuji Porcelain Enamel

  1. Marit

    Fungerte perfekt: ) God kvalitet!

  2. Ola

    God pris, rask leveranse, anbefalt!

  3. あや

    (Translation) I baked a matcha chiffon cake right away! It is non-stick and easy to use.

  4. Tone

    Fungerte helt utmerket.

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