Soot bamboo chopsticks: Blue 23cm

These chopsticks are made from smoked bamboo.

Smoking bamboo not only makes these chopsticks lighter and easier to use, but also makes these more durable and resistant to insects and mold.
With its simple design, these chopsticks are often used in restaurants.
There is also a red one in the same series.

These can be washed about 1,000 times in a dishwasher.


Made in Japan

Obama, Fukui


In stock


23 cm long




Tanaka Chopstick Shop Co.

The chopstick store that makes these chopsticks is located in Obama City, Fukui Prefecture, a city known for its Wakasa lacquered chopsticks, and was established in 1948.

There are many stores selling Wakasa lacquered chopsticks in Obama City, but only a few of them have their own factories.

Tanaka Chopstick Shop is one of them.

Their craftsmen make chopsticks every day with the desire to deliver chopsticks produced by their own hands to everyone.

Wakasa lacquerware



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