Hinoki rice paddle Large

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The Japanese cypress rice scoop is a kitchen utensil that has long been used in Japanese homes, ryokan (Japanese-style inns), and ryotei (traditional Japanese-style restaurants).
The natural aroma of hinoki makes rice taste more delicious.
Hinoki wood is durable against water and has antibacterial properties, making it cleaner to use than plastic ones, which are prone to fine scratches.
Soak the rice paddle in water before each use to prevent rice from sticking to the paddle.

After use, wash it quickly by hand, wipe it dry, and dry it thoroughly, and it will last for many years.

Made in Japan, Gifu


In stock


22.5cm x 7cm (Typical rice paddle size)


After a gentle hand wash, then dry it thoroughly.


The grain of each piece of wood is different because it is made of natural wood.


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