Matcha powder 80g

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This matcha is sent directly from the tea fields of Kyoto.
It is the result of more than half a year of trial and error by confectioners, buckwheat noodle chefs and matcha farmers to create a powder with a fine texture, rich aroma and smoothness.

This matcha powder can be used for making sweets, cooking, and of course, drinking.

The town of Wazuka, where this matcha was born, is a famous tea producing area known for growing high quality tea.
This powder is made from 100% matcha grown in Wazuka, and is not blended with matcha from other regions, and contains no chlorella or coloring additives, which are often used to give matcha its bright green color.

It is used by more than 500 confectionery and buckwheat noodle shops in Japan and abroad.
The sweetness, aroma, astringency and bitterness are exquisite, and the rich flavor of the tea is used to create elegant confectionaries.


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Tea cultivar: Yabukita (Uji/ Wazuka tea)

Cultivation: Shaded

Processing: Steamed, dried and ground


Quantity: 80g

Best before: 6 months after the purchase


Kita Akihiro
The Eco Farmer, certified by the governor of Kyoto Prefecture, grows produce with less pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

-The Eco Farmer is a title given to farmers who use less pesticides and chemical fertilizers and grow healthier and more environmentally friendly products.


Matcha without additives is highly sensitive to light, heat and oxygen.
For this reason, it will turn brown if placed in a place where it is exposed to light or oxygen for long periods of time.
Be careful where you store matcha.

Also, when baking at temperatures above 100°C, the baked goods will fade as a characteristic of matcha without additives.
If this is the case, you can use gardenia dye in the pastry batter to prevent the fading.
Many shops use chlorella, but because it affects the taste and aroma, it is not recommended for those who want a really good matcha sweets or who are particular about making sweets.

For inquiries about gardenia pigment, click here.

Why is it for cooking in our brochure?

Our matcha equivalent products are categorized as a tea ceremony product in other stores.
However, we categorize our products according to the way the farmer wishes to be categorized, with respect to the farmer.

Our matcha is categorized as culinary because the farmer considers only stone-ground matcha to be used in the tea ceremony.
Incidentally, matcha from Wazuka-cho, Kyoto is priced at about 14,000 yen (about 1,000kr) per 100 grams of tea for tea ceremonies and you can use this as a reference to determine whether the tea is for tea ceremonies or cooking.

2 reviews for Matcha powder 80g

  1. Kunde

    Beste Matcha! Kjøpte på Nesoddenmarkedet og bruker å lage som matcha latte.

  2. Henrik

    God kvalitet til god pris.

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