Genmaicha powder 80g

This powdered tea is a well-balanced mixture of roasted Japanese brown-mochi-rice (genmai) and bancha-tea.
When you take a taste, the sweetness of bancha-tea and the fragrance of roasted genmai spread in your mouth.

It has a pleasant roasted aroma and a buttery sweet taste with hints of peanut.

It is as fine as matcha and sweeter than other tea powders and mixes well with dough, red bean paste and cream etc.
It can be used to make not only sweets, but also drinks and pasta.

It is characterized by its fragrance and fineness.


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Tea cultivar: Mixed (Uji/Wazuka tea)

Cultivation: Unshaded

Processing: Steamed, rolled, dried and ground


Quantity: 80g

Best before: 6 months after the purchase


Kita Akihiro
The Eco Farmer, certified by the governor of Kyoto Prefecture, grows produce with less pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

-The Eco Farmer is a title given to farmers who use less pesticides and chemical fertilizers and grow healthier and more environmentally friendly products.


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